Shimmer Body Art - Scam, Sellers of information, Disappointed Birthday 11 yr. old Girl

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THEY DO NOT SHIP UNTIL THESE TELEMARKETERS HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO CALL YOU!! IT GETS WORSE FROM THERE! the tattoos are cool and fun. We got one for Christmas with two colors and 4 stencils.

So for my daughters birthday sleepover party I decided to order the "Deluxe Edition". I went online to ordered the kit went checkout and to ensure it would arrive on time instead of the 4-6 weeks I paid for 3-6 day shipping. Then after all that they bring up a screen offering a "maintenance kit" for an additional 9.99. I thought why not?

So I added it for supposedly "no additional shipping cost" as I am completely reviewing my order NEVER do I see a place to check and remover my name from a list where this company SELLS MY INFORMATION TO TELEMARKETERS. What happens next? 3-6 days has turned into 10 days and I get this telemarketer company blowing up my phone to sell me some "gas vouchers for 1.00" in return to try out their vacation club promotion. It takes me over 20+ minutes to get it through this guys head that NO MEANS NO!

In the end he tells me my Shimmer Art Kit will now be shipped to me in 3-6 days. After another 3-6 days and I look on my bank statement to see they still have taken the money out and I am having my phone blown up again by another telemarketing company. I by now have had enough I call the Shimmer Art Company only to find out they DO NO HAVE THE DELUXE KIT IN STOCK NOR DO THEY KNOW WHEN THEY WILL. Instead I'm offered 2 small kits with four colors for the price of 14.99 with "no other cost to me" and 3-6 shipping guaranteed.

With my daughters birthday party looming ahead in less than two weeks what choice do I have? Those tattoos were to be the HIGHLIGHT of the sleepover. Now how do I tell my daughter? Good news though..Go to amazon and they have other kits from other companies and the color powder is Nail Glitter Dust.

So to get your multiple colors look under nail glitter DUST. They are much cheaper and ship much faster with no selling of your information.

I wish I had known that before I took the *** offer of the 2 small kits and since they immediately took out the money from my bank I can;t get a refund. DON'T GET SCAMMED LIKE ME PLEASE

Monetary Loss: $67.

Shimmer Body Art in Dover, Delaware - Sold my Phone Number

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After ordering the Shimmer Body Art for my niece I received a phone call a day from an 866 number. I usually don't answer these but I was awoken to the phone ringing and grabbed it without looking.

The person was "confirming" my order and then proceeded to tell me all the gift cards I could have if I tried............*insert magazine/product/junk here. I was so irritated that I hung up as soon as I realized it was a ploy.

I am not happy that the company sold my number to a telemarketing service and would have said how much my niece likes the product had this not happened. RIDICULOUS.


Kearney, Nebraska, United States #600320

Hi I am the "Scam, Sellers of Info and disappointed birthday girl" person. After I was reading your post and writing mine I just remembered something.

About a year and a half ago I called to get the balance on my daughters survivor benefit card (from social security direct express). Instead of being directed to the card menu I was rerouted to the same scam company trying to give me gas vouchers for 1.00 in exchange for trying their vacation club. I was in such disbelief I hung up and went straight to my regular bank and redialed the number to have them listen to the sales pitch to verify it was attached to that card. I was never able to find out where that comapny came from because the Social Security Administration claims they had only heard a few complaints and they fixed the issue, which was that company "hacked" into their data base.

Now I am more determined than ever to find this telemarketing company and stop them, Also I want to put a stop to Shimmer Body Art taking advantage of more innocent people. Even worse when it effects our kids. Would you be willing to help me? One person can start the ball rolling but to really make a difference I need all those scammed.

My email is

Please title your email "shimmer art scam" so I know it's not a fake. Please join me we have to stop these people

Shimmer Body Art in Atlanta, Georgia - &


Whatever you do DO NOT order from this company! I ordered this for my 2 daughters who wanted this.

I do not normally order off TV commercials, but my girls are doing great in school and earned money as a little incentive for working hard. We all thought it would be fun, so they combined their money they earned to purchase Shimmer Body Art. A few days after I ordered it, I was getting the calls from the company trying to sell me other items as well. I told them NO many times and they would not listen to me.

I finally had to get rude and extremely firm. I ended up hanging up on them because they wouldn't stop harassing me. Two weeks later I finally received Shimmer Body Art. We were so disappointed!

The box is tiny and very generic. It's not even in packing, just a brown shipping box, so definitely do not buy this as a gift for anyone. It's not exciting in the least! The little tubes of glitter barely have anything in them and it's definitely not worth the $22.00 I spent.

I want to send it back but by the time I would pay to send it back, I'll be wasting more money. I've learned a big lesson and I wish I would have read the prior reviews on this company and product before I purchased it. I guess I just trusted the company since they were aloud to advertise on TV. I am disgusted with the television networks as well for allowing these fraudulent companies to advertise to consumers like this.

It's absolutely amazing they get away with this! I hope others can learn from my mistake. It is ashame that we have to be so cautious and untrusting, but unfortunately we do.

By the way, I went to Michael's and they have a similar product that is much nicer for a fraction of the cost.

Monetary Loss: $22.



There are other companies that sell temporary glitter tattoos online. I bought some from a company called Glitter Art Club. Their tattoos are a bit different from Shimmer Body Art, but my daughters loved them and I had no issue with telemarketers or spam.


Thanks for the Michael's tip! I had a similar issue buying am as seen on TV product where it was advertised at 10 bucks and after up charging the bill came to 90 $'s.. Cancelled that and learned to wait until these (as always) make it to stores to see it before I buy.

Shimmer Body Art Tattoos


On 8/24/12 a Duran Johnson called and told me my credit card was charged for an order placed with Shimmer Body Art Tattoos. I told him I did not complete the order, because it added a maintainence kit, in which I did not order.

He told me to call 877-228-8951(customer service). I called customer service and spoke to Brian. He told me, he could not cancel the order, that I would have to call on Monday the 27th. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I was on hold for about 11 minutes, in that time, I was checking the order status and while on hold they went ahead and processed my order to be shipped. The supervisor Lynn came on the phone and said the could not cancel it, would have to call Monday. Told her was not happy that they just processed the order to be shipped while I was on hold. Call customer service 8/27/12 and spoke to a Bedreannia (or something like that), really could not understand how she said her name.

But anyway she said the order had been shipped, I asked how can that be when I did not submit the order, cause I could not take the maintainance kit off. She said I had to click something if I did not want the maintainance kit. I went back on the site did not see anything. She told me I could refuse the order because it was Fedex, the she said just take it to post office it was coming regular mail.

I am not happy with the ordering process here. They get your credit card information , once they have it and you continue your order is placed. BAD ORDERING PROCESS. Would I recommend for others to use, NO.

NOT HAPPY AT ALL! This was suppose to be a birthday gift for my niece's daughter. Once they receive it, how can I tell her to send back.


Shimmer body art scam


This is so ***. I am ten and i wouldt shimmer body art so badly.My mommy called and she told me that they said that we had a vacation to Orlando flordia.

A three night stay. My mommy didnt want that and i didnt eather. My mommy told me that they said you have to subscribe to a magizen and she said no. I wish I got it.

they are so ***. I hate them so much. They are a bunch of scam artits. What ever you do.

Do not order shimmer body art. I am just a little girl and they scam me.

How dare they. they have some proplems.

Shimmer Body Art


Grandchildren see ad for fun "body art"- Glittery tattoos- on Television. Granny orders big set for all excited kids.

Online order. Went for the "Express Mail". No confirmation email received. Two days later after a big run around I speak to someone who tells me next week it will be delivered.

Really? After paying 25.00 for expedited shipping? Then I see I am charged on my credit card right away but no shipping right away. Then I discover this website with negative comments.

Sure enough, yesterday afternoon the soliciting calls start, first confirming my order and then launching into the " free voucher routine" along with offers for deals. And try canceling an order with this company! Worst was trying to explain to all the kids why this wasn't going to happen.

Next: On to reliable Amazon with some solutions. Big lesson for this Granny and for the kids too.



Its cool


Ikrrr ok so my 13th bday was comming up on august 16th and she orderd it b4 august6th and it was suppossed to come on ausust 16th day of my birthday and it still hasnt came yet and its septmeber 1st

Shimmer Body Art in Baltimore, Maryland - Credit card theft

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I placed an order in June 2012 for Shimmer Body Art and then I was contacted by an "agent" who offered me some additional trial periods of consumer discounting programs. I was asked to verify my credit card information two times in its entirity, and as they proceeded to go into the third offer, I grew increasingly leary about what was happening.

I was assured I'd recieve the mentioned information in the mail prior to the expiration of the trial periods, so reluctantly proceeded knowing I was going to cancel once the information was recieved. My credit card was never billed for the body glitter and on July 9, 2012, I fell victim to credit card theft as someone from Massachuessetts attempted to purchase over $800 in merchandise using the very credit card I provided the company to make my purchase. I contacted my financial institution who has closed that card number to avoid any future occurrences, and NOW, it's July 11, 2012 and I've received an email stating my payment for my Shimmer Body Art has declined. How ironic that they neglected to process the payment upon placing the order, but 2 days after the fraudulent activity, they want to tell me they've processed the payment and now it's not going through.

*******DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM******* There were no other websites (not paypal, ebay, amazon) that had this credit card information AND I never lost my credit card. It's remained in my possession this entire time!!

Shimmer Body Art in Zillah, Washington -

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Placed order from TV add on June 12, 2012. It is July 9, 2012 and we have no idea why order has not shipped.

They charged my credit card the same day we placed the order. when you call 877-833-7685 you cannot get a live person and the message says to check order status online. The call hangs up after it telling you to do online 2 times. When I tracked order online it just has an x by order is being processed.

My daughter is so frustrated and so am I. She checked the mail everyday for her gift.

This company should not be able to advertise its business to children and then never send you the order. I am going to try to cancel my order and then deny charges on my card.

Monetary Loss: $39.



To finish my posts... Too afraid and lazy to work for what they have.

They'd rather steal and deceive the good and hard working folks.

I find myself shaking my head more and more everyday. This should have been stored before it ever aired on television.


How despicable! For the life of me, I cannot understand how a company should be able to advertise to children and steal from parents at the same time!

The company should be trackable, they did make a commercial. There has to be some way of tracking this fraudulent company who preys on children. I'm going to contact some officials to put this to rest. Thank you for posting this or I would have fell victim to the very same thing.

It's a crying shame that I have to explain to my 9 year old daughter why mommy and daddy can't get this for her which we have already promised to her.

What is wrong with society today? To afraid and lazy

:grin hey

Shimmer Body Art in Irvine, California - Scam to get your card # and send you unwanted offers.

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I made my order online to then got 6 calls from an 866 #. I do not usually answer those since they are telemarketers.

I finally decided to answer since the calls did not stop and there was no messages. They said they were calling to confirm my order, then asked if i was 18 then they unveiled the true nature of the call.. to try to reel me into agreening for them to send me "money saving offers" and free gas.. I was upset and told him not to send that ***.

He then told me my order is on backorder and will take 2-6 weeks to get. I called back the very next business day to cancel my order, i was so mad from that first call. They told me that my order shipped, i called them out on that saying that i was told that it would take 2-6 weeks just the day before, she transferred me to some other guy and he said they are another company and all they do is confirm order shipments and tell us their offer and they have nothing eles to do with the company He told me to go online and to call the #, i did that and it was a recording telling me to go on line to and check status.

I went online and saw my order, i clicked the "cancel my order" button and then a window popped open saying to call 1(877)833-7685. That is the original # that was a recording telling me to go online for status. This is clearly a scam and so many people are being taken advantage of and this makes me sick. Im just glad I transferred all my $ off the card i used, so they transaction was cancelled because the card # was rejected.

I guess i got the last laugh on that one.. but now i have to get a new card and that will cost me $20- So it looks like the only winner in this story is the bank.


Torrance, California, United States #680215

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Miami, Florida, United States #638753

Called to inquire about the body art, they needed the card number before I asked any question. TOLD THEM I DID NOT WANT TO ORDER ANYTHING AND THE NEXT DAY THERE WAS A CHARGE FROM THEM ON MY CARD!!!

Talk to a supervisor Joanna and they said too bad it was already sent out. I said you actually send the product out of your. Facility within 24 bull ***....

Won't stop the process and won't refund!!!! *** customer service and *** business


My 6 year old has been wanting this since she saw the commercial. I ordered it online with no problems.

Someone did call me and oFfer a $100 gift card for something. I told them i simply wanted the body art and nothing else. The body art did come pretty quick, however after spending close to $50 on the delux I was so disappointed in the cardboard boX it comes in. I am sure the target age is young girls.

They seriously couldn't jazz up the packaging on it. I thought it was in a shipping box so I opened it. Not it was the box for the kit.

It doesn't even have shiimer body art anyplace on the box. Haven't given it to her yet, so not sure if it works, but was just very disappointed in the appearance and cheapness of it for $50!!!

to Brandi Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #586563

I understand your concern. My daughter owns it and once you use it, I think you will understand that the quality of the box something comes in doesn't mean anything.

to Brandi Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #586565

You can't be impatient. Get more information before you say something is a scam.

I can understand your frustration completely, I was a little upset as well but I ordered shimmer online and the same thing happened but I didn't freak out. I just said no thank you and then it shipped without a problem.


Go to and you can order glitter tattoo kits without all the hassle. I do not work for Silly Farm, but I am a repeat customer. They sell face and body painting supplies and other supplies for entertainers (books, wigs, prosthetics, balloons, etc.).

The only reason you would get a call from them is if something is out of stock or they have a question about your order -- NO TELEMARKETERS!

:upset i wanted the glitter tatoos just for fun and now they just took my money! Not worth it at all!

I ordered the deluxe shimmer art for my daughter's bday and paid extra for shipping. DID not get in time AND recieved TONS of calls for additional products.

Had to be put on their DO NOT CALL LIST!!!

Also, you can find body shimmer at Walmart, Walgreens & CVS..check them out first. NEVER CALL THEM DIRECTLY, YOU WILL REGRET IT!

I am very very very pleased with this company. I ordered the small $14.95 kit for my granddaughters birthday.

She was very excited and brought it across country when she visited me. She put a dragon tatoo on my arm which is still there 5 WEEKS later. Yes, I do wash every day. I have ordered the $39.95 kit for Christmas.

Their site plainly says it will take 6 weeks to receive the order.

I did not upgrade the shipping and it arrived in less time thanb that. :grin

Ikrrr my mom orderd it for my bday which is august 16th ( im 13 ) And it still hasnt came yet she orderd it b4 august 6th supossed to come on my birthday and it didnt


I was going to order but had a question in regards to their site, which they state it's secured and IT IS NOT!

These guys are definetly scammers; do not order from them.


The product was great but its only because i caught the phone call but that phone call was because shimmer body art had sold my info to budget savers where they tried to sell me a subscription for coupons a month and in return i would get a 100$ gas rebate then i said maybe and then he tried selling me anther subscription so then i told him i was not interested >>>>>>that was Aug 10 (and it was supost to be a 1 month trial)and today they charged my CC 30$ and when i called they said they would refund the money but it would take 3-5 business days>>>>>>>WHAT A SCAM AND RALLY BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!


My granddaughter wanted the Shimmer Body kit

so I called the 800 # (on television) to order. The call was a complete nightmare.

After I gave them my credit card # to order Shimmer Body Art Kit and Maintenance Kit, the recording went on with un-free offers for Walmart gift cards and magazine subscriptions.

I spent hours trying to call a real person.

The same day I talked to a person a ideavillage (I think) and rec'd an email from Shimmer Body dated 07/14/12 saying that my order had been canceled, and my credit card had not been charged. I thought the matter was taken care of until today, 08/16/12 when I rec'd two issues of Martha Stewart Living -- which I never ordered. I have spent 4 hrs. on phone and cannot cancel subsscription.


I always use a bogus phone number when placing orders like these. Actually, it is a phone number that goes straight to voice mail and never rings.

It is a "Magic Jack" phone number that I got for only $20.00 a year. Let them deal with voice mail and not me.


i ordered and recieved call next day also . i simply told them 'no' and they were fine with it.

I also was told that it was backordered which was dissapointing n i wish they had done when i placed the order but decided to wait for it and it came in about 4 weeks.

They didnt charge my card until they shipped it. All in all, it took a bit longer than hoped but wasnt a terrible experince!The kit is fine, my kids love it


I too just received the call with the offer of the $100 in gas. I felt uneasy when they started asking for my credit card # and would not provide it.

The caller then started telling me his name (probably fake) how long he had worked there, the phone number, etc.... and really went into a high pressure sales bit. I told him not interested and to remove my name from their list. He wasn't rude but pushy in the way telemarketers can sometimes be.

Lesson learned -- I should have waited for this to come out in a store.

My order says it has shipped and will be her next week... we will see.

@ Jenna L: I wish you luck with your purchase, but you stated it is taking longer than you wanted to get your order, but you never said that it has been delivered.

Did you get your order? Have you checked your account to make sure that they actually did credit you? Did they make you give them your card # again? With a return/credit, they wouldnt need you to provide the # again, so i would watch out for that...

Why you have not gotten the "goofy" 800 or 866 calls might be many reasons.. did you leave a direct line? or work #? Some business's can block 800 #s from coming in... Maybe the # on their file was put in wrong.. there are many reasons why this could have happend. You are lucky to not have had the exact experience as us... but untill you actually get the product and keep checking your account, you really wont know..

As for your further comments on treating people like dogs... I can only speak for myself, and that is that I treat people the way i want to be treated, and I dont wish scams on anyone, that is why I posted this in the first place. Its advice.. take it or leave it..

Best of luck to you and anyone reading this :)

I also ordered a delux kit from shimmer body art. I ordered online.

It has taken longer than I would like to receive my product but I have not received any goofy 866 phone calls and when I called to complain about how long it was taking they immediately offered me a discount off my purchase. Was it my best experience? No. But the customer service department did a good job taking money off my bill to make up for any inconvenience.

Maybe if u spoke to people like they were people and not dogs you would get a better outcome.

The person on the other end of the line probably has no control over your order so *** at them will get u nowhere. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


You get what you pay for everyone! I purchased the as seen on TV.

I also ran out of stencils since it only came with 10, and they're cheap brush broke. I reordered from shimmerpros instead and was extremely satisfied with the products and service. Their designs were much more detailed and not so generic. They were a little more expensive but worth the $ knowing I could contact them by email as i was wondering if they had a certain design, which they were happy to do for

me by my daughters birthday.

I was also pleased to hear their stencils are made in the USA, not China! I will reorder from them.


You get what you pay for everyone! I purchased the as seen on TV.

I also ran out of stencils since it only came with 10, and they're cheap brush broke. I reordered from shimmerpros instead and was extremely satisfied with the products and service. Their designs were much more detailed and not so generic. They were a little more expensive but worth the $ knowing I could contact them by email as i was wondering if they had a certain design, which they were happy to do for

me by my daughters birthday.

I was also pleased to hear their stencils are made in the USA, not China! I will reorder from them.

i was ganna get it but i read this and didnt lucky me :grin i went to walmart and found something excactly like it :grin

@ Molly.. good luck with that. So far we have not had any luck with this company.


I ordered Shimmer Body Art in mid June. It's July 10th and not only have I not received the product, but my card was not charged until I went to the idea village to check my order status.

Now that my card has been charged I hope the product arrives. I also received all the telephone calls cited by the other reviewers.

WARNING!!! DO NOT ORDER!!!I ordered this product on a Saturday.

By Sunday, my phone was ringing off the hook. When I finally answered, there was some kind of sales pitch for some coupon program. Then they wanted to know my birthdate, my credit card number and security code. I refused and asked for this product to be cancelled.

I don't know what kind of scam these folks are running, but I have contacted my credit card company as well. :(
@ "hi"

I did not check the "other" site leaving off the art part and i will tell you why.... i called the number direct from the tv comercial and that number told me i had to go online to idea village to order. The scam is directly commected to the comercial ad.

And for all i know... it could be the same company making more sites to try to get a "clean name"....

i found a similar product made by tulip crafts and i can buy it at our local joanne craft store... no ordering no hassel.

It is such a shame.. because there are lots of honest business owners trying to sell online and scammers ruin it for everybody...

Thank you to some of the people who have posted with advice and legit companies... best of luck to you all :grin :grin

But the real website is;

not try this site and it may look the same as the other but it is the original

For this very reason, I always wait for the stuff to show up at Walmart, Roses, or Dollar General in the "As Seen On TV" isles.. :)


My 10 y.o. daughter and I ALMOST ordered this after we saw it on TV (Disney XD channel).

Thankfully I read your comment and was reminded that almost the EXACT same thing happened to me a couple of years ago when I ordered SlushyMagic. Exact same phone calls from a co. supposedly "confirming my order" but really wanting to sell me something that will give me free gas and save me money on something. When I said no, they then told me my order was backordered.

Something they said made me realize that they already had my credit card number and was just waiting for me to say yes to whatever *** they were selling. I got very angry and told them to DO NOT charge my credit card to ANYTHING and remove my name from their "list" and dont EVER contact me again. The sales person was very unprofessional and was rude to me and told me that I had to go online to cancel. I got the same run-around with the phone number/website.

When I finally did speak with a person, they told me that my SlushyMagic had already been shipped (even though the other person said it was backordered). I was furious and vowed NEVER to order anything from a TV commercial again - which is a shame because some of these products seem pretty good. I finally did get the SlushyMagic cups and my kids do like them and sometimes use them but not worth the aggravation (that Brandi C also had).

I WILL wait until the Shimmer Body Art (or something similar) comes to stores and buy it there. Shame on Disney XD channel for playing commercials with scams related!


@ Candace,

We are working on putting some kits together however by purchasing everything seperatey, you actually get more quantity for your $. We appreciate your interest, please email us at and you can choose less that a quantity of 6 of each design. As mentioned we are a newer and smaller company so we have the versitility to give you personal customer service.


The shimmerpros website does not sell sets with stencils and glitter, the stencils by themselves cost alot too. I dont like that.


@ Brandi. The original "shimmerpros" is also in AZ.

We would love to earn your business. Ordering from our company, you will never deal with a call center. We are a small company with real people and most importantly, excellent customer service. Also, our stencils are much more exciting in design, and made in house, in Tucson, USA.


No imports and back orders from China. Visit us at


Went to an "as seen on tv store today and got the standard kit for $11.90. Payed cash.

No phone calls, just the product I wanted. So much easier and no headache.


Or if its legit, wait for it t come to stores, in thier As Seen on TV sections

:)To all who have been scamd by this comp. Its a real shame that people do things like that, but thats the world we live in, all we can do is learn from other experiences...

My company is i do glitter tattoos, and sell the kits. We are a honest and growing comp, created by a house wife and new mother. All of our glitter is imported and everything is 100% toxic free. And its no scam..

If you would like info or just check out the web site, please feel free.

We do fast shipping and you wont be sorry...

You may call me for mor info. or vist

thanks for your business.

Irene Beltran
I ordered before too and it said online that it took only 30 day to ship home and it took to whole months before I got it I will never buy from there again
Everyone has the the option to believe what they want. I do not work for any companies at all.

I am a stay at home mom who simply ordered a product from a bad company and got scammed... there are many others on here who experienced this too. If you choose not to believe then thats fine.. go ahead and order...

actions speak louderthan words and you will see first hand that i am telling the truth.. best of luck to you all :)

Thnks for the info but I'd need to see a lot more than just one comment like this before I believe it. You could work for a competitor. People need to be more intelligent before they believe everything they read.

:roll am i really suppost to believe him/her? him/her could be lying duh!
#505097 glad i looked up a review :roll

what do you think is great?

:grin i think its great!

My 7 yr old daughter just asked me for this. Her birthday is coming up so I thought it would be perfect.

Thanks so much for the warning. I'll try the other website or find a similar product elsewhere.

Whew! I'm so glad I've been warned!

Somebody below had luck with another site.. i myself found that tulip (craft brand) also sells one similar that works great..

i found it at jannes fabric and craft store.. they are big and might sell online too.. theres an android app if you search joanne fabric ..its a green J.

So there is hope... :)

I really wanted to get this product 😱 But It Seems like I shouldn't 😣 Thanks For stopping me 😃


we need to all contact BBB... i found tye company info online before..ill look again..its also on f.b.

i know..

i feel helpless because most that see this post have already been scammed... it would be awesome if we could get this on t.v.. like the news... this company has probably ripped off tons of people....

maybe try to post on lots of sites and blogs.. then when someone searches to buy they will see scams first..


Im getting scammed..I ordered for my 5 year old daughter and everyday she has asked if her box has come,,I have receieved at least 50 calls from the 866 #...I got the call tonight my order has been back ordered...WOW I have never seen anything like this..How can this be on TV?? Who do you call so more and more people dont get scammed?? They tell me I can not cancel my order...HELP


Im getting scammed..I ordered for my 5 year old daughter and everyday she has asked if her box has come,,I have receieved at least 50 calls from the 866 #...I got the call tonight my order has been back ordered...WOW I have never seen anything like this..How can this be on TV?? Who do you call so more and more people dont get scammed?? They tell me I can not cancel my order...HELP


Oh my word I hear you exact same thing happened to me wor for word!!!!!!!!!


i logged on yes..that is a different website...glad to hear it worked for you. The one on t.v is not that legit site... it is "" that is tue scammers...


ndtanaka, all they told me when I got through was that they would calcel the order and send me an email confirming the cancellation. That has been almost a week ago and I am still waiting for their email.

When I called the other company back that had been calling me I told them I was not interested and to remove my name from their calling list and luckily have not received another call since. So at least that is good. I keep watching my bank account like a hawk to make sure Shimmer doesn't go ahead with the order.

Thank you for the Facebook suggestion. I think I will definitely post some comments there on their page.


I had the same issues with these people. The day I placed my order they called with all these "free" offers that would be charged to my credit card.

I called the customer service number and cancelled the order. Two days later a charge from these folks show up on my bank statement for $40.04. The order I canceled was only $23.00.

I had to have my debit card canceled and hope I can get my money back. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!


Has Anyone Noticed There is An Ad To Buy The Product Below

Cant Believe That ...Do Not Order Shimmer Body Art..


shimmer body art has its own Facebook page all of you should go put your comments on their page that way more people will get to read it and the company that makes it will definately have to make the proper changes that need to be made i wonder how many people have been scammed by the company that confirms?? the messages above definately need to be shared with more the guy that actually got through to the real company what did they say about the problem were they gonna address it with the other company?? i just seen the comercial myself and my kids were begging me to get it...i myself do not like ordering things from the tv ill wait until it goes to walmart or cvs...but i decided to look up and i wanted to find out how much the delux kit was...sooo glad i looked it up other wise id be in the same boat right now ...but im going to go on their Facebook page to see if there are any posts like above on there yet...


I really wish I had read this before I placed an order last week. I ran into the same situation.

A day or two after placing the order I was getting calls from an 800 number I didn't know. Same situation. I also never got a confirmation email or call from Shimmer regarding my order. Well I finally found a legitimate customer service number for them.

When I got a rep they informed me that the product is back ordered for approximately 4 weeks. So I had them cancel the order on the spot.

If anyone else wants to contact them their numer is 1.877.228.8951 Then after that call I called back the other 800 number and told them I was not interested in their offer and to remove my name from their list. So we shall see what happens.


Thank you so much for letting me know about this scam. I was just going to order the deluxe kit for my daughters birthday party, but I will not be doing that now.


Oh.. and one more thing...

I heard the commercial come on last night..

so i called the 800 # they give you, and got a recording to go to to order... So that confirmed to me that the comercial is directly connected to that same website that scammed me...

Glad i could help :)
If you have a Joanne fabrics ((we have them here in CA)) you can find the same thing there, i used a 50% off coupon too and got it for $9.99 =)

Thanks for the review. My girls really want this but you just saved me a HUGE headache!


This happen to me too! I told them I was uncomfortable with giving them my credit card numbr over the phone and they were persistant with telling me it was safe if you can just give them the same card I placed the order with ending with


They only had the last four and really wanted the full cardnumber and would only charge me $1.00 for these saving offers. I didn't cancel my order though.

Maybe I should have bought a knock off through amazon. At least they are not conncted directly to crooks.

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